Partners Wanted

This page is to help you find a partner. On the right hand side there is a list of the dates and the names of people looking for a partner.

If you would like to play on this day, give them a ring.

If you want to add your name to the list fill in your name and the date you wish to play and click the Add Name button.

Type in your Name:

and Contact Number - Non-Members only

and the Date you need a partner:

Some days have more than one session.
Saturdays and Mondays have open (O) and Intermediate (I).
Tuesdays and Fridays have Open (O) and a Teams event (T).
Please note that you have to ring the club and out your names on the Teams list 2 days before the teams event.

Add the session you wish to play:

Remove Your Name from the List

These People Want Partners

1 - is looking for a partner
on (O

Type in the number of the line that you want to remove.