Bidding Quiz 1

Q1. How many points do you need to open the bidding?

 Q2. Your partner opens 1 club, how many points do you need to bid on?

Q3. How many points does your side need to make game in;

a) Diamonds?

b) NT?

c) Hearts?

Q4. Your partner opens 1D you respond 1 H and your partner bids 1 NT. Describe partners hand?
Q5. In Q4 what is the minimum no of hearts needed for your bid?

Q6 What would you open with this hand?
S- xx
Q7.Your partner opens 1H and you hold
S- xx
What do bid?

Q8. How many Spades do you need to open 1 S?

Q9. What is the maximum no of points partner can have when he responds 1H over your 1C?

Q10. Opposition opens 1D and partner doubles; can you pass? What would you expect partner to have?