On Saturday the 5th March 2016, on the 30th anniversary celebrations the club officially recognised the founding members still playing at our club by giving them Life Membership.

The club would not be what it is today, if at all, without these wonderful and dedicated people. We currently have well over two hundred members and play six days and  a total of 10 sessions a week. We are the only club in the area that has its own club house which enables us to hold congresses. Our Life members were responsible, by virtue of the constitution, for all of this.

Our congratulations and thanks go to you all.

Carol Peter Yvonne Jo Gott
Carol Briscoe Peter Briscoe Yvonne Cains Jo Gott
Barbara Pat Saima Sue
Barbara Griffiths Pat Hamilton Saima King Sue Lindner
Arthur LindnerChris Manser

The night was full of fun and laughter, with speeches,

and the presentation of the shield that is to be proudly displayed in the club.

And plenty of food.